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New Flexible Arena Sizes from Zero Latency

PRESS RELEASE (June 13, 2024) With new 6-player 10x10 and 14x7 spaces available, venues with multiple attractions can offer Zero Latency’s award-winning experiences to more customers than ever before.
Zero Latency 6 player arena

Zero Latency, the global leader in immersive entertainment and creator of the largest true free-roam VR network in the world, has announced new flexible 6-player sizes of their free-roam arena, allowing multi-attraction centers more adaptability and awesome experiences in compact spaces.

Research shows that VR experiences have overtaken more traditional forms of entertainment like bowling and old-school arcade games, with 81% of consumers considering virtual reality to be an extremely or very appealing entertainment concept. With that in mind, Zero Latency set out to make a more accessible system for mixed attraction centers to offer premium VR experiences to their customers.

The new flexible arenas are available in two different new size variants suited to 6 players, 10x10 and 14x7 meters. Zero Latency can slot in comfortably with family entertainment centers, VR centers, amusement parks, arcades, resorts, and more. Prospective partners now have even more flexibility when running their own Zero Latency, with incredible technology allowing for the same epic adventures to be explored in a smaller space. With various licensing tier options available, Zero Latency is the perfect upgrade to offer customers unique thrills you can’t play anywhere else.


““Our experiences are mind-blowing, so it’s been important to make sure we capture that same monumental feeling, even in smaller spaces,” said Scott Vandonkelaar, CTO at Zero Latency. “We’ve done a lot of testing to ensure our adventures translate, and that they still feel excellent. Our team has ensured that our technology has remained adaptable and flexible to new environments, so that our customers get the same feeling of immersion, no matter the size of the venue."


The first location to take advantage of this new offering is in Rochester, as part of Cafe 35 Kings Billiards and Bar. As a multi-attraction venue, the team sought something special to add on and thrill their existing community while bringing in new customers.


Having Zero Latency within our multi-attraction center in Rochester will be a game changer,” said Hakan Sayginer, Cafe 35 Kings Billiards and Bar owner. “Our customers love trying new, exciting experiences, and free-roam virtual reality is a key trend and evolution in the attractions industry that is impossible to ignore. The new 6-player sizing has allowed us to add Zero Latency to our list of attractions so that customers can experience the most immersive adventures available today.”


Zero Latency’s best-in-class technology allows players more freedom of movement and agency than ever in incredibly immersive worlds - without the need for backpacks, extra wires or other distractions. 3.7 million+ players have played Zero Latency worldwide, with new flexible arena sizes allowing for even more locations globally to share our thrilling adventures.

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