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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered. Learn if this out of this world opportunity is right for you.

Getting Started

Learn how to make Zero Latency your reality.
I’m interested in owning my own VR Franchise from Zero Latency VR. How do I get started?

We love to hear it! By partnering with us, you'll be part of a community that shares your entrepreneurial drive and offers mutual support along the journey to prosperity. 

Becoming a member of the Zero Latency family offers you a tried-and-true path to owning your own business! But this isn't just any business – it's a recognized brand equipped with all the essentials for your success.

Your first move is to fill out our application form.


How much does a Zero Latency VR franchise cost?

The exact cost of a Zero Latency VR franchise varies, based on factors such as location and additional expenses. A 8 player Zero Latency system starts at $245,000 USD. We also have 6 player systems available for entertainment centers. It's recommended to directly contact the Zero Latency VR team for a quote.

How successful are existing Zero Latency VR franchises?

Existing Zero Latency VR franchises have shown remarkable success, bringing cutting-edge entertainment experiences to their communities. These licensees have delighted customers with immersive gameplay and innovative technology, earning positive feedback and creating a strong following. Their dedication to delivering a top-notch VR adventure has contributed to the growth of the brand and the excitement it generates.

Can I transfer or sell my franchise to someone else in the future?

Yes, transferring or selling your business to another interested party is often possible. However, the terms and conditions for such transfers would be outlined in the contractual agreement you sign with Zero Latency VR.

Can you provide more information about the available VR gaming systems and equipment included in the franchise?

Our next-gen technology, created in partnership with HTC, includes a customised HTC Vive Focus 3 headset and lightweight trackable gun controller. As for the gaming systems, expect 5k resolution for the sharpest images and an immersive 3D spatial sound.

Are there any ongoing fees or royalties associated with owning a Zero Latency VR franchise?

Yes, a content and service fee of 15% of monthly ticket revenue is payable to Zero Latency, contributing to developing new experiences and 24x7 service for licensees.

How much space is required to set up a Zero Latency VR arcade?

A typical Zero Latency VR arcade requires around 200 square metres / 2000 square feet for the gamespace, briefing and equipment areas. The virtual space is much larger!

Additional space is recommended for reception, meetings and events spaces.


Are there any financing options available for acquiring a Zero Latency VR franchise?

Please contact the Zero Latency team via the enquiry form to discuss the options in your region.

What kind of support and training do you provide to franchisees?

We provide comprehensive training for your staff in VR system operations and venue management. With the systems and support we offer, you'll be fully prepared to deliver a seamless and immersive VR experience that will captivate your customers. Our dedicated client services team also provides 24x7 support.

Can I customize the VR gaming experience for my franchise location?

While you can’t customize the games, you can customize your venue. Chat to the Zero Latency VR team on how.

Are there any territorial restrictions or exclusivity rights for franchisees?

Yes, these provisions ensure that each licensee operates within a designated area and that a certain level of exclusivity is granted to protect their market share. This can prevent Zero Latency venues from directly competing with each other in close proximity.

What marketing and promotional support do you offer to help franchisees attract customers?

We offer guides, campaigns, creative assets, and expert advice to assist you in successfully launching a thriving VR entertainment venue in your city.

How long does setting up and launching a Zero Latency site typically take?

The time required to set up and launch a Zero Latency VR venue can vary based on several factors, including the location's readiness, local regulations, and your specific preparations. Considering these stages, the entire process could span several months, typically ranging from 2 to 6 months.

Do I need to meet any specific requirements or qualifications to become a franchisee?

To become a licensee  with Zero Latency, you might need to meet specific requirements or qualifications, such as financial eligibility, location, commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and local market understanding.

Can I operate a Zero Latency VR franchise alongside other businesses I own?

The possibility of operating a Zero Latency alongside other businesses you own can vary based on your intended operational structure. We have guidelines to ensure you can provide the necessary time, attention, and resources to your operation.

What are the potential revenue streams for a location based VR franchise?

A VR franchise has many potential revenue streams, such as ticket sales, parties and corporate events, merchandise sales, food and beverage sales, additional entertainment attractions or partnerships.

Are there any opportunities in my area?

Zero Latency is seeking licensees to meet consumer demand across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. Chat to the Zero Latency team to see if there are opportunities in your city.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of participants in the VR gaming experience?

If you’re wondering whether you’ll walk into walls, rest assured that dedicated Game Masters will stop that from happening. We also have in-game safety mechanisms in place. However, it’s up to you to pay attention and follow all instructions during the game to remain safe.

Can I offer additional services or amenities alongside the VR gaming experience?

Zero Latency licensees are able to offer additional services such as entertainment experiences, a food and beverage offering, merchandise, private party rooms for events, corporate gatherings or team-building activities.

How frequently are new games and experiences added to the Zero Latency VR system?

We aim to keep our offerings fresh and engaging for players, so we may work on introducing new content to maintain excitement and attract repeat customers. Up to twice a year, we introduce new games and experiences to our system.

Are there any restrictions on the location or type of venue where the VR gaming centre can be set up?

Factors such as the size and layout of the venue, visibility and accessibility, as well as local regulations and competing businesses, are all things to consider when setting up your VR gaming center.

How can I apply?

Enquire with the Zero Latency team here.

I have more questions about how to get started, who can I contact?

Let’s talk VR. You can contact us here.

How much is a VR franchise?

The cost of a location based VR franchise can vary widely depending on the brand, location, equipment, and services provided. VR franchises typically involve expenses such as licensing fees, equipment purchase or leasing costs, training, marketing, and ongoing support.

Is a VR business profitable?

Running a VR business can definitely be profitable and exciting! VR and immersive experiences continue to gain popularity.  While starting a VR business requires some initial investment, offering free roam social immersive experiences with cutting-edge technology and premium content attracts a wide and thrill seeking customer base. Zero Latency VR are the global leaders in immersive location based free roam VR, we have the experience and the know how to help licensees succeed.

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