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Zero Latency: World Class Tracking

What does Zero Latency mean? See it in action!
World Class Tracking in VR Entertainment System by Zero Latency

In technology, Zero Latency refers to no lag or delay. It's the reason why motion sickness is so rare in our experiences - player steps in the virtual world, match real life. 

Each venue space is individually mapped to our games, that's how our runner below knows exactly where to safely stop mid sprint.



Zero Latency are famous for our world class tracking so it was important to retain that accuracy as we developed our next generation system.

The new platform uses an exclusive remote rendering stack and the latest Wifi6E wireless technology to seamlessly stream 5K VR to up to 8 players simultaneously, delivering up to 16x performance over traditional all-in-one headsets.

With no backpack computers, sensors, or other distractions, Zero Latency’s world-first platform offers players the deepest, most effortless immersive experience available today.

This exclusive R&D is what allows our new system to run backpack free, with this level of confidence - for every player, at every venue. 

“Our customers often tell us Zero Latency is the best VR experience they’ve ever had,” said Scott Vandonkelaar, chief technology officer at Zero Latency. “Delivering experiences as deep and interactive as ours has never been possible with an all-in-one headset, so we built our own solution. Remote rendering and 6E wireless streaming means we can deliver our experiences at previously impossible performance levels, with less technology and fewer player distractions than ever. We’re blown away by the results and can’t wait for customers to experience it for themselves.”