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Zero Latency Madrid Upgrade Launch

Zero Latency recently hosted a media event for the relaunch of our flagship European venue in Madrid - celebrating a new location and next generation technology. 

Zero Latency's global expansion continues with a relocation of our flagship European venue alongside an upgrade to our next generation technology, supported by a media launch event.

Since Zero Latency first introduced the concept of free-roam virtual reality to the world from Melbourne, Australia in 2015, we have grown globally to over 60+ venues, with many more scheduled to open over the next 12 months. 

Our partners at Climbing Planet have been with Zero Latency for over 6 years, with their Madrid venue being the first European site to open back in 2016.

CEO Tim Ruse was thrilled to attend the media event to discuss the future of Zero Latency and celebrate the importance of strong partnerships, "The [Climbing Planet] team has done an exceptional job of building yet another world class venue, and I couldn't be prouder of what we have achieved together."


Media Coverage

Zero Latency Madrid was featured in key media across Spain and Europe, with journalists testing the new technology. Check out just some of the articles below:

RTVE: "Zero Latency virtual reality enters the video game of the future" with "unprecendented realism." Read More

LA RAZON: "You don't have to be a seasoned "gamer" to know how to play and, above all, enjoy a unique opportunity to explore a new and unknown world." Read More

20Minutos: "VR headsets, headphones and no cables: Zero Latency debuts technology to live freer gaming experiences." Read More 

ALL GAMERS IN: "Being able to move at will, without any restrictions, makes you feel inside the game, often forcing you to think this is not real." Read More

W3volution: "Experiences can be enjoyed with up to 8 people simultaneously, the perfect option to do in a group with friends, co-workers or family." Read More

Game reactor: "Designed for busy spaces and constructed of durable materials, VIVE Focus 3 offers expansive VR performance with its hot-swappable battery." Read More

Next Game: "We went to one of the quintessential VR venues in Madrid, a place with extremely powerful technology and a huge space to play." Read More


Where next?

Malaga and Valencia are opening soon in Spain, joining recent new venues in Reading (UK), Toulouse, Hannover and Vienna.